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“Whitney” – Yeah, this is happening.

Yup - we're watching this. No, seriously.


Welp, judgement day is here – the pilot for “Whitney” begins in an hour. Yup – 60 minutes until all of our lives change forever. We – Tim, myself, Lydia and Gina . Yup, we pulled out all the stops for this one guys and gals. Get ready to laugh and cry, all at once, and join us for the magical journey that will be “Whitney – Episode 1.” Enjoy, kiddos.


“Oh my god – your inbox is literally filled with penises.” OK, that was Rob Lowe in Parks & Rec. Quote of the night so far – had to be done.


Megan B. just showed up. Best ratio we’ve had at this house, um, ever and we’re watching TV. For fuck’s sake.


Lydia: What time does the show shart?


Megan: Wait, we don’t like this, that’s the idea right?


Tim: She’s … just hot enough to put up with.


Everyone’s extremely bummed that there are laugh tracks. Also, they’re on their way to a wedding … and they’re not married. You can guess how this is going.


Whitney AND the bridesmaid are wearing yellow. Embarrassing!


Megan: I kind of like her outfit.

Well, then.


Gina: Why did they say that this is performed in front of a live studio audience at the beginning?

Lydia: Maybe it’s because they don’t want people to interrupt the laughter.


Blackface joke … impressively tasteless.


Tim: His joke was pretty funny. His buddy went home with a pregnant chick and he asked if it was a threesome. It was pretty funny.


We’re debating the difference between single and multi-camera sitcoms. We’re … still confused.


We’ve got three girls talking about mid-life crises. In the show – everyone here is enthralled. And in their mid-twenties.


We all just forgot what 5 is in King’s Cup. Our youth? Gone.


A Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman joke? What year is this? (It should be noted that this got the biggest laughs of the  night so far.)


Lydia explaining an earlier Beaver Pond story. I’ll let her tell you that one personally.


Whitney’s trying to role play as a sexy nurse. Publicly I’m shaking my head. Privately I think she’s pretty hot.


Sassy black woman in a sitcom? I don’t believe it.


Megan: Lydia, what the fuck?! You didn’t add juice, did you?

Lydia as bartender hasn’t worked out before, and it’s apparently not working out now.


Hey! That’s Malcolm in the Middle’s mom!

Timmy: That’s a good show. (Chugs drink.)


“Ms. Cummings?”

Ha. That made me laugh. Also, I’m 12.


Whitney proposes to her boyfriend: “I love you so much that I won’t marry you.” Boy, these guys are quirky! Am I right? (Crowd laughs hysterically.)


Me: Is that guy bringing anything to the table?

Lydia: I don’t know – he looks like 25 people that I know.


Megan: I know a nub when I see it.

This was good IN and OUT of context.

Also, this show may be done …

Hang on.


Whitney and the BF are trying to do it in a hospital bed – and they fall! Hillllarious….


Prime Suspect looks … even funnier. I don’t think this is what it’s going for.

  1. Amy
    September 23, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    We watched the Whitney pilot too, but probably for different reasons…. IE: we only get 3, 5, and 22. Anyway, didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would from the (millions of) commercials. But didn’t find it that funny either. The baby-three way joke *was* pretty racy and made me laugh uncomfortably. still think she looks horse-like. You guys going to tune in next week?

  2. ron swanson
    September 23, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    Much like you, Amy, we too have 3-6 channels depending on prevailing winds; we will be grudgingly tuned in next time. Same Whitney channel.

    At Jason: I also thought she looked pretty hot as a slut nurse

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