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Oh Yeah – the Week 3 Picks

First thing I thought of when I woke up at 7am this morning for no real reason? ‘My god – it’s Saturday and I haven’t released my NFL picks for the week! Is that rioting in the streets I hear?’

Patriots over Bills

This game will be fun to watch, and the final score will probably indicate that the game was a lot closer than it actually was. In other news, my fantasy receiving corps is already so depleted that I’m taking a flyer on Daniel David Nelson. You’re not gonna’ believe this, but I’m not doing so hot this year …

Panthers over Jaguars

Yes, I continue to jack photos from Facebook. Please don't sue me, NFL.

As a Packer fan, I’ll admit that Mr. Newton has me a little nervous last week, right down to the impressive garbage TD drive in the final minutes. I honestly thought he was going to suck – I clearly don’t want watch a ton of college football.

Bengals over 49ers

Dear Alex Smith,

You have Vernon Davis on your team. Start fucking using him.


Niners fans, VD fantasy owners and your Coach, Jim Harbuagh

Browns over Dolphins

I flip-flopped on this one a dozen times. The Browns don’t play all that well at home, and the Dolphins (allegedly) are a good road team, even though we have no evidence of that this year. Hmmm … I’ll stick with the Browns, but I’m not stoked about it.

Lions over Vikings

This will be the closes game the Lions have played so far this year, and I still say they win by double digits.

Saints over Texans

Feels like a fun shootout game, with the Saints winning by a score. Also, I just wanted to mention that managing Arian Foster on your fantasy team is a nightmare. I’ve had to wake up at like 8am each of the past two Sundays to figure out if he’s playing or not. And yes, my alarm is set for 7:45am tomorrow.

Eagles over Giants

The ghost of Desean Jackson returns, and I’m expecting big things out of number 10.

Titans over Broncos

With the Broncos injuries and Matt Hassleback opening up the offense, I guarantee truly believe that Chris Johnson is going off tomorrow.

Jets over Raiders

Another close game, but I trust the Jets’ D a whole lot more in the closing minutes than I do the Raiders. (See Raiders @ Bills, Sep. 18 for evidence.)

Chargers over Chiefs (Suicide pick)

Week 2, 2009. Bengals 31, Packers 24. That was the last time I got a suicide pick wrong. We’re in Ripken territory, folks. (Knocks on wood repeatedly)

Ravens over Rams

Brutal start for St. Louis continues. Then again, I could totally see Baltimore coming out flat again. We’ll see.

Packers over Bears

Who will have more sacks of Jay Cutler: Clay Matthews or Eric Walden?

Seahawks over Cardinals

The ‘Hawks use the 12th man and the return of Sidney Rice to notch their first win of the year.

Bucs over Falcons

Even after their win last week, it’s pretty clear that the Falcons aren’t the same team as last year. And after the Bucs comeback win against the Vikes on Sunday, it’s clear that they’re at least the team they were last year, if not better.

Steelers over Colts

Well, looks like my Sunday night is wide open if anyone wants to do anything.

Cowboys over Redskins

I’ve never had a punctured lung, but ‘punctured’ anything just sounds awful.

Last Week: 14-2 Season: 22-10

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