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Nervous? Yes. Excited? A Little – Live-Blogging the Last Day of the MLB Season

I thought we were done with this?


It’s the last day of the MLB season, and our beloved Red Sox are facing the prospect of missing the playoffs, despite a 9.5 wild card lead heading into September. Yes – we’re on the cusp of a monumental collapse. However, with a win over the hapless (and, let’s face it, annoying) Orioles and a Tampa Bay Rays loss, all will (sort of) be forgiven. However, even just a Sox win will force a one-game playoff tomorrow at Tropicana Field. It’s time to work this thing out together. As my buddy Lewy just texted me, “Strap in, it could be a wild ride tonight for the Sox.”


That last text was the first I’ve heard of Lewy in at least 10 months. He’s alive! We’re already winning.


Tim: Dude, you missed one hell of a Red Sox montage.


We’re picking this one up in the bottom of the 1st. John Lester is the Red Sox starter. 14-0 all-time against the Orioles. You would think this is making me feel better – it’s not.

(Note: I have a softball game at 8pm tonight, and I’m scheduled for a 7pm pick up. Needless to say, I’m rooting for a blowout. Let’s end this thing before I’m forced to walk away from the television. I’m begging you.


1-0 Yanks. Yes, NESN is featuring the NYY/TB score on the screen all night long. Yes, this will be annoying.


Lester works out of a 1st inning jam. Fastball and command look good, and the infield didn’t blow any easy plays. I’m feeling OK about this. Tim’s drinking. I’m trying to not look jealous.


Is that JD Drew hitting a solid single to right? It sure is! Sorry, dude – I don’t think a late-season cameo is going to make up for the worst contract year since … well… ever.


Nah – I don’t think a Fenway Park brick is in the budget this year. Sorry, Jimmy Fund.


Tim: That’s a funny looking home run!

Not sure what he’s talking about – nobody has a hit home run. Keep off the booze, kiddos.


Marco Scutaro makes a web gem bid, but Adam “Don’t Call Me Pacman” Jones is easily safe at 1st. One on, one out, no score … yet. (Locates wood to knock on.)


Mark Reynolds doesn’t strike out! Instead, he grounds into a double play. 0-0 after two. And yes, I’m also making dinner. Can I interest anyone in a beef stew/ rice combo? Not so fast, Tim.


Tim: I’m going to buy triple ply toilet paper tomorrow. It’s going to be like riding on a cloud.


Mike Aviles starting at 3rd. Don Orsillo mentions he’s 1-for-9 on their most recent road trip. Hey, you gotta go with the hot hitters at the end of the year.


Sox strike first! Pedroia bats in the Immortal Mike Aviles with a single up the middle. 1-0 Sox. Dood’s a gamer.

Now we’ve got two on and nobody out … Papi sighting, folks.

Bahhh.. double play.


Teixeira just sent a “Tex Message” into the Tropicana Field seats for a Grand Salami! 5-0 Rays – let’s handle our biz, boys!


This dinner break was brought to you by Campbell’s Beef Stew and Success Rice in a Bag! Helping Bushkid eat … all week long!


Internet’s getting choppy folks – I’ll be back later with some thoughts. Fingers crossed.

90 minutes later …

Dude, are they really pulling the tarp out? …

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