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The Week 6 NFL Picks

It’s been a long week, kiddos. Good – but long. I began a second career endeavor as a caterer for a little saving money, and the results (I’m happy to report) have been quite positive. I get to go to a Bar Mitzvah tonight – my first in 12 years – which I think deserves a half-hearted Mazel Tov. Despite working in one of the richest areas in the entire country, I’ve found the guests to be pretty delightful; granted, they’re eating and drinking for free so, how anxious and needy could you get in that environment? And yes, I have already dropped a loaded tray of desserts – however, the only casualties were three strawberry tarts, a couple of cheap plates and a small portion of my pride. Not bad!

I’ll keep you guys posted on the catering biz, but in the meantime let’s chat about what the F is going on in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE this weekend …

Falcons over Panthers

Really wanted to pull the trigger on the Panthers in the upset, for the obvious reasons – the Panthers are a feisty 1-4, the Falcons a floundering 2-3 and look destined to miss the playoffs. But despite all the passing yards and explosive Cam Newton plays, the Panthers still aren’t quite sure how to win the close ones, which is precisely what I think will happen here. In unrelated news, I slept four hours last night … mmmm … coffee.

Bengals over Colts

It’s too bad the Broncos aren’t shopping for a QB, because a Brandon Lloyd for Carson Palmer trade would be a potential game-changer for the Bengals right now. But yeah, that wouldn’t make sense in, you know, the real world.

Steelers over Jaguars

This week’s “Game I’m Least Likely to Glance At” at the bar.

Bills over Giants

The Giants blew my 2.5-year suicide run last week against the Seahawks, so this is kind of a revenge pick. Looking back, it was a totally foolish pick, given that everybody and their brother (as my Mom likes to say) had the Giants as well. Always the kiss of death. Silver-lining? I saw the first three quarters of that game in a pro-Giants bar, and it’s always fun to watch obnoxious New York fans get blindsided by a we-didn’t-see-this-coming-at-all type of loss.

(And no, now is it not a good time for a Red Sox-related comeback, New York fans. But thanks for asking.)

Lions over 49ers

The game of the week?! I’m fired up – and Megatron is now my second favorite NFL player to watch, behind Rodgers and ahead of Vick.

Packers over Rams

Amazingly, this Packers team is exceptionally better than last year’s. Yes, they give up a lot of yards on defense – but does it really matter when, time and again, they cause turnovers and become especially inspired inside the Red Zone? So far, the answer is ‘No.’

Eagles over Redskins

I still don’t think I’ve picked an Eagles game correctly. Let’s ride the train, I say.

Raiders over Browns

Unfortunately, we’ll never discover what was under Al Davis’ band-aid. This is probably unarguably a good thing.

Ravens over Texans

Matt Schaub’s last play against the Raiders last week was Favre-esque. I think it’s free-fall time (again) for Houston.

Saints over Bucs

My worst pick of the year so far? Bucs over Niners, week 5. (Final score, 48-3 Niners win.)

Patriots over Cowboys

I’m rooting for a huge fantasy day for Romo, one cold beer per quarter, and minimal distractions during this one. I don’t ask for much …

Bears over Vikings

Only if – and it’s a big ‘if’ – the Bear’s O-line can keep Cutler off the turf. Yikes.

Jets over Dolphins

I’m not sure who came up with this year’s MNF schedule, but I imagine they’re not working for the Mothership (ESPN) anymore. Jesus.

Last week: 9-4 Season: 43-20

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