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Many drivers say they’d welcome a cell phone ban

Originally aired April 13, 2009

Original Link: Many drivers say they’d welcome a cell phone ban

(Host) Vermont lawmakers may ban the use of hand-held cell phones and other electronic devices while driving.


As VPR’s Jason Bushey reports, many drivers say they’d welcome such a law.

(Bushey) Stand alongside any road and you’ll see plenty of people using their phones.

Josh Lee isn’t sure Vermont needs a law.

(Lee) “I think that’s what really distracting is the fact that someone’s having a conversation. So whether they’re doing it on a hand-held or handless device doesn’t make a difference. I think the law’s kind of silly.”

(Bushey)Lydia Wood says any conversation can take someone’s attention off the road.

(Wood) “Personally, I feel like people have a lot of conversations while driving anyway. Perhaps if you’re next to somebody and you’re talking. I think that’s equally distracting.”

(Bushey) Drivers seem to be distracted by a lot of things besides their cell phones.

Dave Bolain says he’s guilty of talking and driving. But he’s seen worse.

(Bolain) “The Burger King while yu’re driving is just as bad. People are sitting there trying to figure out what’s going on. As long as they’re looking down and not looking up at the road, it causes all sorts of problems. The makeup-while-you-drive, the shaving-while-you-drive. I mean, all different stuff – even yelling at the kids in the back seat, although that one’s kind of hard to make legislation on.”

(Bushey) Driving and dining is common. Here’s Drew Peberdy.

(Peberdy) “I think eating is definitely up there. I’ve seen people unwrapping subs and digging into little Styrofoam cups of chili, candy bars, that kind of thing. That is always really scary to drive by somebody at 60 miles per hour at risk of spilling pizza sauce all over the front of themselves.”

(Bushey) Former tow truck driver Henry Cyganiewicz says he’s seen his fair share of multi-tasking drivers.

(Cyganiewicz) “I’ve seen one guy, he went off the road, almost rolled his car over. I asked him what happened. He was like, `Oh, I was reading a book,’ while he was driving on the interstate. I’m like, `OK.”’

(Bushey) The driver safety bill has passed the House and is now before the Senate. If it’s enacted, Vermont would become the sixth state to adopt a cell-phone ban.

For VPR News, I’m Jason Bushey.

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